Reliable, accurate, lightweight and easy-to-use instrument for measurements of dielectric value, electrical conductivity and temperature.

Now also Digital Percosensor (DPS) for use with PC or tablet

Measurement Modes

Adek Percometer has four optional measurement modes:

  • Continuous measurement of the dielectric value
  • Continuous measurement of the electrical conductivity value
  • Point measurements of dielectrical and electrical conductivity values simultaneously, with given time interval and number of points
  • Statistical multipoint measurement of dielectrical and electrical conductivity values (average calculated)

Temperature is measured with each measurement of the dielectric value (modes 1, 3, 4, 5).


The measured dielectric value is the real part of the complex relative dielectric permittivity. It can be calculated from the change of the fringe capacity of the probe, caused by the material under test. Dielectric measurements using the Percometer are reliable when the conductivity of the measured material is:

< 1000 S/cm for tube probe measurements
< 2000 S/cm for surface probe measurements


Adek Percometers

Adek Percometers are utilized today e.g by the laboratories, geoservice and road data service units of the Finnish Road Enterprise, and in the Geotechnical Laboratory of the Tampere University of Technology. In the United States and Canada, Percometer is used, among others, by the Texas Transportation Institute, the Texas Department of Transportation, the Office of Minnesota Road Research and the University of Saskatchewan.
The Percometer instruments are manufactured in Estonia by Adek Ltd, and are marketed and distributed internationally by Roadscanners Oy.

Standard probe types

  • Surface probe for measurements on the face of structures or material samples (probe’s length 170 mm, sensor diameter 60 mm)
  • Tube probe for soil and aggregate sample measurements approx. 15 cm inside the material (probe’s length 150 mm or 1000 mm, diameter 28 mm)

The Percometer probes

Four Digital Percosensors (DPS) are available for direct connection to PC or tablet.

Seven different Probe Models, designed for different applications and operating environments, are available for Percometer v.7.

Each probe is calibrated individually to enable automatic self-calibration for measurements. It is possible to calibrate 24 different probes per Percometer. Measurement results can be stored in the Percometer’s central unit memory (max 1000 measurement results). Recorded measurement data can be transferred to a PC via RS232, for use e.g. in Excel. Modem connection for remote operation is optional

DSF (Digital Surface Fixed frequency) and DTSV (Digital Tube Short Variable frequency) with Percoadapter

Standard Probes for Percometer central unit

Asphalt probe SFA and SVA for Percometer central unit

Specially Designed Probes for Percometer central unit

Concave Surface Probe SFC and SVC for Percometer central unit

Plastic Body Tube TVPL1 and TVPL2 for Percometer central unit

Liquid Probe LPV for Percometer central unit


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