Annele Matintupa begun as Roadscanners CEO on August 2022

Annele Matintupa, DI, took over as CEO of Roadscanners Oy on 1 August 2022. Since 1 March 2021, she served as the company’s executive vice president and has already worked in various jobs in the company since 2007. During a 15-year Roadscanners career, Matintupa has accumulated a wide range of experience in diagnostics and repair planning of traffic infrastructure, especially roads and streets, as well as property management and related research projects.

“I know the company and its strengths very well through my long work history. Our strength lies in the expertise of personnel and software and equipment products that enable us to meet the future challenges of traffic infrastructure both in Finland and over the world. It is great to be able to continue the story of Roadscanners on the excellent foundation that Timo Saarenketo has created,” Matintupa says.

Current CEO Timo Saarenketo, one of the company’s founders, will take over as Chairman of the Board of Roadscanners Oy after 24 years as CEO. He continues to work as an expert in various domestic and international research projects, as well as in educational assignments.

“Almost a quarter of a century at the helm of Roadscanners Oy has been an educational and remunerating time. We have managed to gain a prestigious world position in traffic diagnostics and asset management, but there is still a lot of work with future challenges. Annele Matintupa has proven her ability to pull demanding projects over the years and under her leadership Roadscanners will continue its growth based on strong R&D work, says Saarenketo”

Rovaniemi 1 August 2022

Roadscanners Oy

Annele Matintupa became CEO of Roadscanners Oy