For a Better and More Consistent Company Image

These guidelines determine the visual identity of Roadscanner which will be manifest in all the communications of our company, both external and internal, and which functions as a clear, distinguishing factor in comparison to other companies in the field. The guidelines contain the instructions on how to use the Roadscanners logo, and the colour schemes and typefaces associated with the visual identity. Guidelines also include the stationery material updated according to the identity, with templates ready for printing. By observing the Roadscanners graphic guidelines, we create and maintain a uniform and consistent company image in all our communications. The guidelines, with all textual and visual materials, can be printed from this document.

Roadscanners Logo Usage

The preferred way to use the Roadscanners logo is over a white background or on black. Every attempt must be made to do this. The last option is to use the logo with transparent background.

Please observe the clear space around the logo to maximize visual effectivenes. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space.



Roadscanners Black

C100 M17 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0

Roadscanners Dark Turquoise

C100 M17 Y0 K51
R0 G89 B132

Roadscanners Light Turquoise

C100 M10 Y10 K0
R0 G160 B210

Roadscanners Silver / Gray
C5 M0 Y0 K40
R157 G166 B171

Our colors are what gives us our personality. We're strong, appropriate and convincing.

Color Palette

These make up our core color palette.


Use the color palette in the outlined percentages in all marketing material.


The slogan written under the logo for both black and white backgrounds using turquoise color and DIN font.

The slogan can be used separately from the logo on a turquoise background with white color and DIN font. Turguoise graphic shape simulates the shape of the logo. Different shapes of turquoise graphic can be used according the format.


Typography is a key element to communicate a unified personality for Roadscanners. We have selected DIN as our font. It is widely used for traffic, administrative and technical applications.

Use DIN for all printable marketing materials.

Use Open Sans Bold and light on web and in mobile apps.

Use Calibri for digital material.


Logo Dark Background

Logo Dark Background
with Slogan

Logo Light Background

Logo Light Background
with Slogan

Consistency is a must

The consistency of the visual identity is one of the key factors for the recognition and adaptation of the existing Roadscanners brand. The visual identity needs to be preserved when designing new materials for any promotional purposes - both internal and external. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please contact: