Roadscanners has commissioned and built a Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV) – a Road Clinic for road surveys, diagnostics and design for Vegagerdin, Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.

Vegagerdin’s own vehicle Volkswagen Transporter was commissioned with

  • RDCL, Road Doctor® CamLink system for capturing videos linked to GPS data. System also includes a tool for logging pavement damage or any other visual inspection analysis.
  • RDLS, Road Doctor® Laser Scanner system for laser scanner data based analysis of roads. So far the system are mainly used for ruttings and risk analysis of existing roads but under way are work of making design models from point cloud. System also includes 3D Accelerometer which enables road roughness surveys. Vegagerdin system has exceptionally 2 laser scanners.
  • RDTD, Road Doctor® Thermal Diagnostics system for IR investigations of traffic infrastructure. System is used especially for pavement distress surveys, mapping water pumping through the road, mapping frost under the road and mapping concrete structures.
  • GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar system. Geophysical Survey System (GSSI, USA) SIR-30, 400 MHz ground coupled antenna, 2000 MHz Horn antenna with all the needed cables and mounting systems was delivered. GPR system is used especially for investigating pavement structure thickness and quality.
  • Vegagerdin system is also commissioned with Ladybug 5+ 360 degrees camera system.
  • RDSV system includes Roadscanners software products Road Doctor® 3 with needed modules for data processing and Road Doctor® CamLink for data collection.

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