Roadscanners has sold Rail Division Business

On May 2nd 2019, Finland-based Roadscanners Oy sold its Rail Division business, including its Rail Doctor® software and related intellectual property rights, to Loram Finland Oy, owned by US-based Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. In addition, Roadscanners’ Rail Division personnel will move to Loram Finland Oy in Tampere.


Located in Hamel, Minnesota, and established in 1954, Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc is one of the world´s foremost railway maintenance companies, specialized in maintenance equipment, contracting and consulting services. The acquisition will reinforce Loram’s know-how and service portfolio.


After the sale, Roadscanners Oy will continue its business in other sectors, including its Road Division and Software and Hardware Division, in the field of road, street, bridge and airport condition surveys, diagnostics and asset management. In addition, Roadscanners will continue investing in ITS-related research and development work. Roadscanners Oy subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and the USA will continue under Roadscanners Oy ownership.


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