Empowering Asset Management with Roadscanners

Roadscanners asset management is more than overseeing road structures; it is about understanding the road’s condition. Our approach centers on knowledge, enabling more efficient maintenance, ultimately achieving better road networks with fewer resources.

Roadscanners asset management uncovers the root causes of road damage, ensuring informed decisions for rehabilitation operations, addressing issues at their source, not just surface symptoms. This approach optimizes investments from a life cycle cost perspective.

Roadscanners’ methodology is effective for diverse scenarios, from small municipalities to extensive road networks, prioritizing benefits for both road owners and users. We tailor our services to meet specific client needs, be it long-term planning, paving programs or customized solutions.

Road asset management
Road asset management

Optimizing Road Network Maintenance with Proactive Strategies and Data-Driven Solutions

At Roadscanners, we collect the data to diagnose the weak points in road network, forming the foundation for cost-saving proactive maintenance and long-term investment growth.

By accumulating vast amounts of data from the road network, we can forecast its future behavior. Monitoring distress, examining maintenance and condition history, and combining this with collected data allows us to make informed decisions regarding the right rehabilitation or paving operations for each road section and the entire network. This information is crucial for identifying weak and expensive sections, understanding the root causes, and designing solutions to create a uniform road network. Following this, maintenance becomes more manageable and cost-effective.

Our approach emphasizes proactive maintenance, prioritizing road sections that are nearing the end of their lifetime but remain in good condition. This strategy results in substantial savings because timely measures significantly extend the road’s lifetime. Rapidly and frequently deteriorating road sections are identified, diagnosed, and subjected to the right operations, always keeping life cycle costs in mind.

Benefits of Roadscanners’ Asset Management

Enhanced Understanding of Root Causes
We gain insights into the root causes of road damage, allowing for targeted and effective solutions.

Improved Road Drainage Maintenance
We employ innovative techniques to manage road drainage more efficiently.

Risk Management
We help road owners understand the structural status of their roads, reducing unexpected issues.

Better Pavement Design
Our approach focuses on the exact problem locations, optimizes pavement thickness, and introduces best choices to handle the weakest sections on roads.

Monitoring Performance
We facilitate the monitoring of new structures, creating a continuous learning process.

Enabling Proactive Maintenance
We encourage repaving before the pavement loses its strength, resulting in longer pavement lifetimes and substantial savings in annual paving costs.


Great example of Road Asset Management project is PEHKO-project

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