Roadscanners’ Road Doctor® CamLink

Roadscanners’ Road Doctor® CamLink (RDCL) traffic infrastructure survey system is designed to capture multiple videos seamlessly along with GPS coordinates and other survey data. The RDCL interface provides centralized control over all data collection devices, including Laser Scanner (LiDAR), 3D Accelerometer, GPR, and Thermal Camera. Initiating data capture across all devices is as simple as pressing a single button in the RDCL interface, streamlining the survey process.

The Complete RDCL Package

Road Doctor® software products

The RDCL package encompasses essential hardware components along with the Road Doctor® CamLink software for data collection and advanced Road Doctor® 3 software for data processing and analysis. RDCL package provides a comprehensive solution for infrastructure data collection, analysis, and reporting. With a rugged roof-mounted enclosure for the camera(s), the RDCL package is built to withstand adverse weather conditions and challenging environments. It offers a reliable system designed to ensure optimal performance even in demanding circumstances. Road Doctor® CamLink software version 7.5 is published in April 2024 and it has even faster CAPTURE and STOP functions. You can control GSSI SIR 30 with same button as the other RDCL devices, and synchronized file naming makes office work more fluent and simple.

CamLink Camera Enclosure

The package includes the CamLink Camera Enclosure, providing a rugged and weather-resistant housing for the camera(s). This ensures reliable operation even in challenging environmental conditions.

GigE Connected Industrial Camera

The GigE Connected Industrial Camera is another crucial component of the RDCL package, enabling high-quality video capture with seamless integration into the data collection process. It is possible to use up to 3 cameras. Mostly our clients use RDCL system with 1 or 2 cameras.

High-Quality IMU Capable GPS

For accurate positioning and orientation data, the package incorporates a High-Quality IMU Capable GPS, ensuring precise geolocation information for comprehensive analysis.

Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI)

To measure distances accurately, the package features a Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI), providing reliable measurements crucial for infrastructure assessment.

Modified Industrial Computer and a Touch Screen Monitor

The RDCL package includes a Modified Industrial Computer and a Touch Screen Monitor, creating a user-friendly interface for efficient data collection.


Transit and Storage Case

To facilitate transportation and storage, a Transit and Storage Case is provided, ensuring the protection for RDCL package when in transit.


Mounting System

Mounting System ensures secure and stable installation of the components, minimizing vibrations and maximizing data quality.


The package includes a headset/microphone for capturing audio, enabling comprehensive audio logging and adds an additional layer of information to the dataset.


Combining all these components, the RDCL package offers a complete solution for infrastructure data collection, analysis, and reporting. It empowers professionals with the tools and capabilities necessary to perform thorough assessments and make data-driven decisions.

RDCL SYSTEM for videoing and inventory

Roadscanners Road Doctor CamLink

Road image

RDCL video and inventory advantages

A ready-to-use system that allows for simultaneous use of up to 3 cameras, enabling multiple video capture tagged with GPS coordinates and seamless integration with other survey data, all presented through a user-friendly software interface.

With Road Doctor® CamLink (RDCL), conduct pavement distress, road furniture, and drainage inventories by defining up to 10 parameters across 4 classifications, utilizing continuous inputs (e.g drainage, cracking) or point-like designations (e.g. culverts). Generate outputs at customizable intervals (e.g. 10 m, 100 m) and conveniently perform inventory tasks in the field or at the office using high-definition video.

RDCL: 1-2-3-Camera configuration

Center camera (Green) points a lane ahead

  • Overview, Traffic signs, Pavement damages, One lane on highways & Both lanes on rural roads

Right side camera (Blue) points to a closer ditch

  • Drainage evaluation, Outlet ditch

Left side camera (Red) points to another lane or ditch

RDCL Camera Configuration

RDCL system optional items

System can be accompanied with 360 camera system. Below you will see the items that need to be added.

Road Doctor CamLink optional items



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