Improving paving quality with Roadscanners’ RD Paver Service

The Roadscanners RD Paver service is a tool for real-time monitoring and storage of asphalt paving temperature and paver speed data. The main purpose of monitoring this information is to minimize problems caused by thermal segregation leading to the development of high asphalt air voids content.

RD Paver Service

RD Paver Service

Measurements with a thermal camera positioned directly behind the paver are taken throughout the entire paving process. A touchscreen monitor on the paver allows to observe the collected data in real-time and remotely through the 3G/4G network. The user-friendly RD Paver interface provides users with detailed information and makes it possible to follow up problems and make immediate corrections.

Ultimatelly this technique helps the paving crew to ensure temperature uniformity which is critical for avoiding areas of asphalt segregation and thus achieving the optimal density.

Real-time Monitoring

The RD Paver system also includes a website service for real-time monitoring. The results are also stored in a database for later use. Utilization of the website service makes the quality assurance process transparent to everyone involved.

RD Paver system, an innovative self-reporting pavement quality control tool facilitates quick and non-destructive segregation control for the entire width of the pavement.

Roadscanners RD software

User friendly Interface with real-time assurance

The Road Doctor® Thermal Diagnostics interface simplifies quality control, offering real-time insights for immediate action and avoidance of thermal segregation risks.

Roadscanners RD Thermal Diagnostics

Outputs for paving temperature and voids

Utilizing thermal cameras, Road Doctor® Thermal Diagnostics efficiently spots high void content areas, as the paving temperature correlates with asphalt voids.

The RD Web Service

Self-monitoring and reporting

Embedded in Road Doctor® Thermal Diagnostics, the RD Web Service allows autonomous pavement quality monitoring and reporting. It ensures a dynamic quality assurance process for efficient and accountable outcomes.

RD PAVER thermal diagnostics benefits

Contractor Road owner
Real-time asphalt temperature measurement and data monitoring through 3G/4G Thermal segregation, voids, and other problems will be detected and fixed during the paving process Good quality pavement

  • longer pavement lifetime
  • lower maintenance costs
  • less repair works and road closures
Nondestructive segregation and air void control Less sanctions Real-time pavement quality assurance
User-friendly interface and database storage Improved working methods Road owner can monitor the quality from the “office”
Website service “Paver Web” Thermal segregation, voids, and other problems will be detected and fixed during the paving process Self-monitoring and self-reporting data available for in-office use
Storage of the data for further use during the warranty period

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