Roadscanners helps client to select the most appropriate equipment GPR system according to the customer’s needs.
Along with structure thickness and quality, GPR systems provide detailed information concerning structural anomalies and other important factors like the moisture content.

Main Features

Network Level SurveysThickness, structural sections, special structures.
Project Level SurveysSite investigation, structure thickness, dimensioning parameters, reasons for damages.
Independent Quality Control & Quality AssuranceThickness & location, air voids content, special structures.
Forensic SurveysThickness, moisture susceptibility, transition structures, etc.
Road Condition monitoringPavement distress, moisture, etc.
BenefitsData provides a continuous detailed profile of the survey target.

Roadscanners markets and resells the following manufacturers’ Ground Penetrating Radar systems


Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) manufactures cutting-edge products designed to address a wide range of challenging applications, the GSSI name is synonymous with unsurpassed data quality and field-proven reliability.

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3D-Radar (Norway)

3D-Radar has pioneered next generation 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (3D GPR) using step frequency radar technology and innovative multi channel antenna design. 3D-Radar uses antenna arrays for efficient data acquisition over large surfaces. This enables the user to create 3-dimensional images of the subsurface objects.

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Road Doctor Survey Van with GPR options

The graphic is showing options related to the GPR options. Roadscanners also builds the mounting systems.


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