The basic idea and goal in road asset management projects is to improve practices and policies in paved road maintenance and management and thereby improve the condition of the paved road network, or at least keep it at the current level using less resources.

Together, we can identify the key problems in your network. Properly identifying a problem allows you to fix them in a suitable way, i.e. tackle the root of the problem don’t just repeatedly fix the symptoms. This is the most cost-effective way. Roadscanners service is excellent tool for paved road asset management.

Our system has been used effectively on smaller municipal networks of about one hundred kilometers and larger regional networks with several thousand kilometers. The larger the network the greater the benefits.

We can provide turnkey services including everything from planning the project and conducting the surveys to long term paving plans. Alternatively, you can just choose those services that you need and do the rest yourself.

Create your own road asset management project with Roadscanners
Follow these simplified process steps

1. Collect data from the paved network

2. Analyze and select the road sections that are still ok, but close to the end of their lifetime
Pave a new asphalt overlay on the selected road sections

3. Analyze road sections suffering from inadequate daily maintenance
Implement improved maintenance

4. Locate and analyze the root causes of fast deterioration of the road pavements
Design an optimal repair solution for each section
Repair each section according to plan

5. Continue annual monitoring of the performance of the road network
Monitoring based proactive maintenance: react immediately if indications of any kind of pavement damage risk appear
Monitor the performance of different kinds of repairs and maintenance solutions

6. Proceed continuously repeating steps 1–5

What can be achieved with road asset management

1. Road maintenance standards will be improved, especially drainage maintenance. This increases pavement lifetime and cuts down annual paving costs. Annual savings 10–30 %.

2. New technology will be implemented in pavement management facilitating focus on the weakest sections – and paved road lifetime will increase and annual paving costs decrease. Annual savings 10–40 %.

3. A proactive maintenance policy will be followed and maintenance crews will react quickly to problems as they arise before they cause damage to the pavement. Annual savings 20–60 %.

Great example of Road Asset Management project is PEHKO-project

Tools for Road Asset Management

Roadscanners experts

The Roadscanners Consulting Division provides services for a variety of tasks and needs related to road asset management. Roadscanners experts are professionals in the fields of civil engineering, geosciences, IT and project management.

Roadscanners Software products

Road Doctor® is a unique and powerful software for simultaneous road surface and sub-surface data analysis. With Road Doctor® you are able to synchronize and visualize data from several sources enabling multidata analysis. Road Doctor® brings together, in a synchronized view: GPR, Map, Point cloud, Video, Ground truth, Falling weight, Profilometer, Data-base, and other data.

Road Doctor® software is a cost effective tool for engineers administrating the roads to create integrated data views and output the most valuable results for decision makers. The software can be also used for pavement and maintenance design.

Click here for more information about Road Doctor® software

Roadscanners equipment for data collection

Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV) offers a complete non-destructive survey system designed for road condition data collection and analysis. RDSV unites the unique and innovative Road Doctor® survey packages in a single affordable easy to use, plug and play high tech system.

More information about Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV)


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