Roadscanners participating IRF Bulgarian National Transport Infrastructure conference

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Using Accelerometer Data in Proactive Maintenance of Roads

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Revolutionizing Gravel Road Management: RDMC Technology

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Annele Matintupa begun as Roadscanners CEO on August 2022

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New era in road survey technology

The Road Doctor® Survey Van represents a new era in road survey technology. This state-of-the-art vehicle, following a design philosophy of sensor-fusion, incorporates advanced technologies, namely GPR, LiDAR and 3D Accelerometer, into a user-friendly package. By integrating the unique and innovative Road Doctor® survey packages into a single system, the RDSV sets a new standard for road assessment.

Roadscanners solutions for intelligent and proactive
infrastructure asset management

Get more information about Roadscanners’ consulting services, hardware systems and software
for traffic infrastructure condition monitoring and management. We believe that, in the future, proactive maintenance policies
that react to the early phase symptoms and fix the root cause of the problem
will play a key role in the next generation road asset management.


Comprehensively measured infrastructure data
in a single pass


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Road & Street

Data collection and analysis,
targeted design and
asset management


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Road Doctor

Road Doctor® effective tools
for surface and sub-surface
data analysis


Roadscanners' Road Doctor® Software
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Road condition
survey system
as a service


Road Doctor Maintenance Controller
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The Benefits of Digitalization

The implementation of proactive maintenance policies, which address
early phase symptoms and fix the root cause of the problem,
will play a key role in the next generation road asset management.

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Improving productivity
of paved road asset

The PEHKO project is largely based on long term work,
carried out by ROADEX projects and ROADEX Network
within the Northern European Road Agencies and
on Roadscanners’ own product development.

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Roadscanners Moisture
Damage Index solution


Monitoring Drainage
with RDLS Technique


presentation video