An Innovative Complete Package for capturing
multiple videos linked with GPS.

RDCL package offers an innovative plug and play survey system for capturing multiple videos linked with GPS coordinates and other survey data. All data collection devices are controlled in the Road Doctor CamLink interface. Capture with all the devices (Laser Scanner, 3D Accelerometer and Thermal Camera) is started with a single button in the RDCL interface.

RDCL Package

RDCL package includes all the necessary hardware components and the latest Road Doctor® 3 software. The RDCL package is a complete tool for infrastructure data collection, analysis and reporting. RDCL package contains a rugged roof mounted enclosure for the camera(s). The system is designed to handle poor weather conditions and challenging environments.

RDCL Components

  • CamLink Camera Enclosure
  • GigE Connected Industrial Camera
  • High Quality IMU Capable GPS
  • Distance Measurement Instrument, DMI
  • Modified Industrial Computer
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Transit and Storage Case
  • Mounting System
  • Microphone
  • Road Doctor Software Products

RDCL Video Advantages

  • Ready-to-use system
  • Up to 3 cameras can be used simultaneously
  • Multiple video capture linked with GPS data
  • Integration of other survey data possible
  • User friendly software interface

RDCL Inventory Advantages

  • Make pavement distress, road furniture ordrainage inventories
  • Definition of up to 10 parameters into 4 classifications
  • Inventory/classification can utilize continuous inputs (e.g drainage, cracking) or point-like designations (e.g. culverts)
  • Outputs can be made at different user set intervals (e.g. 10 m, 100 m)
  • With RDCL, inventory can be done in the field during data collection or back at the office using HD video

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