• Roadscanners expertise on Airports

Roadscanners expertise on Airports

Roadscanners Oy provides a complete package designed for airport infrastructure inspection, mapping, monitoring and diagnostics. This solution will ensure safety, uninterrupted traffic on runways and taxiways and reduced maintenance costs.

To achieve that, Roadscanners benefits from 3 major strengths; the Road Doctor Survey Van which is equipped with advanced technologies, such as GPR and LiDAR, that allows collecting of multiple parameters simultaneously. Road Doctor software, was developed by Roadscanners to get the best possible results from the collected data. Finally, Roadscanners’ experienced consulting team processes and interprets the data to deliver the final results and recommendations.

The major fields of Roadscanners’ expertise are:

Surface monitoring

New technologies offer a new approach to pavement surface condition inspection, which affects airport infrastructures safety and maintenance/traffic costs.

Mobile multi-instrument surveys offer many benefits and when utilized periodically can provide a surface condition change timeline. This approach offers a way to identify problems in the early phase.

The non-destructive system also offers the critical benefit of not interrupting airport operations.


Surface monitoring – flexible pavement

  • Crack detection
  • Rutting
  • Cross fall/water flow
  • Rubber deposits
  • Settlements
  • Potholes
  • Swelling
  • Pavement weathering and scabbing
  • Stripping/ravelling
  • Oil/kerosene surface contamination
  • Water pumping
  • Mud pumping
  • Pavement patching
  • Pavement bleeding

Surface monitoring – rigid pavement

  • Cracks detection
  • Rubber deposits
  • Spalling
  • Scaling
  • Water pumping
  • Faulting/stepping
  • Joint seal damage
  • Patch failure

Sub-surface monitoring

Well-established Design-out Maintenance strategies applied to airport infrastructures, are a proactive approach, that aim to lower maintenance costs significantly over the long-term and reduce airport traffic interruptions.

  • Moisture analysis
  • Void detection
  • Delamination
  • Crack detection

Quality control

QA/QC focused on new pavement evaluation, in addition to meeting construction specifications, it has a significant impact on future airport infrastructure maintenance and service life.

  • Layer thickness control
  • Void content
  • Segregation diagnostics

Optimisation of maintenance

Implementation of decisions taken at the design stage have significant implications for an asset’s future maintenance and performance.
Avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs by targeting problematic locations and making an accurate diagnosis of the root of the problem for a definitive solution.

  • Crack depth detection for milling depth optimisation
  • Moisture analysis and its source determination
  • Delamination localisation
  • Subsurface structure mapping

Underground mapping

Underground mapping of airport infrastructures allows identification of various subsurface targets.

  • Underground utilities detection
  • Structures type
  • Depth/thicknesses map and point cloud display
  • UXO detection


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