• Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV)

    A complete system for road condition survey and analysis

Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV)

RDSV offers a complete non-destructive survey system designed for road condition data collection and analysis. Road Doctor® Survey Van (RDSV) unites the unique and innovative Road Doctor® survey packages in a single affordable easy to use plug and play high tech system.

To get your own complete high tech system for road condition survey and analysis Roadscanners offers three options:

  1. Order a brand new fully equipped vehicle
  2. Ship your own vehicle to Finland and we will install the system here
  3. Install the system yourself and one of our engineers can come and finalize the installation and at the same time provide training to your staff

Road Doctor Survey Van Benefits

High quality multi-faceted non destructive data collection in a single passMajor savings on traffic infrastructure management
Savings as high as 40% on infrastructure costs
Focused maintenance planning
Increased lifetime of roads
Combining surface and subsurface informationBetter understanding of the structure under investigation
Latest software for data analysis and storageGPS positioning for every survey is saved making surveys repeatable, comparable and locatable
Selected high quality components

The following plug and play survey system packages and corresponding
Road Doctor® 3 software modules are the main options.

Road Doctor® CamLink (RDCL)

Central system for the RDSV – all the other packages include RDCL which is a system for capturing videos linked to GPR data. Includes a tool for logging pavement damage.



Road Doctor® Laser Scanner (RDLS)

A system for cost effective laser scanning and laser scanner data based analysis of roads and railroads. The system also includes 3d accelerometer which enables road roughness surveys.

Road Doctor® Thermal Diagnostics (RDTD)

A system designed especially for IR investigations of traffic infrastructure.





Along with structure thickness and quality, GPR systems provide detailed information concerning structural anomalies and other important factors like the amount of moisture.


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