Enabling the benefits of new technologies

  • Detect the root causes of damages and road problems
  • Determine the exact location and dimensions of the problem areas
  • Adapt new design practices to solve the problem
  • Learn to move towards proactive pavement maintenance policies
  • Get longer pavement life times and better roads
  • Gain savings with asset management costs


Roadscanners’ surveys and analysis uses the latest technologies: GPR, laser scanners, thermal cameras and accelerometers, as well as deflection surveys.

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From the smallest forest road into a wide network level road surveys according to client’s needs

  • Project and network level surveys
  • Street asset management projects
  • Project level road diagnostics and rehabilitation design
  • Forensic projects to investigate road and street problems and detect the root causes
  • Quality control and quality assurance projects


Roadscanners is at the forefront of developing NDT survey methods and techniques for roads and streets.

The data is interpreted with our own commercially available software to provide comprehensive solutions, investigations and compatible formats.

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Roadscanners RDSV incorporates with GPR, Lidar, Accelerometer, Digital cameras and GPS in a single pass.

More information about Road Doctor Survey Van: RDSV SYSTEM


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