Road Doctor® 3

  • Is a great tool for engineers, geophysicists or geologists who handle very large surface and subsurface datasets
  • Is designed especially for multi-year infrastructure survey’s and asset management
  • Is a unique and powerful software for simultaneous surface and sub-surface data analysis
  • Is a software for GPR data processing, handling and analysis
  • Can synchronize and visualize data from several sources enabling multidata analysis
  • Is an excellent tool for presenting results in visual and informative way
  • Is scalable and compatible – includes support of a wide array of survey devices and data formats. If something is missing – it can be added.
  • Can be complemented by 6 different modules to cover road, street, airport runway, bridge and geological applications.
  • Is based on a 64-bit multiprocessor architecture, which allows more memory and faster calculation of big amounts of data e.g. in point cloud and GPR 3D views.
  • Results can also be viewed and presented also with Road Doctor Viewer software (it’s free) and Road Data Center online service.

Road Doctor® 3 CORE features

Road Doctor software “CORE” is a basic part of Road Doctor® for every user either engineer, geophysicist, or geologist.

For many customers “CORE” may be all that is needed to get started with multidata analysis. It includes operations for linking almost all RD supported data types and doing basic manual data-analysis and feature digitizing. It brings together in the same synchronized view GPR, Map, Point-cloud, Video, 360 Video, Ground truth, Falling weight, Profilometer, Data-base, and other data.

It includes tools for example Government and municipal engineers administrating the roads to create and look predefined views and output most valuable results for decision makers.

Interface examples

Interface 3.4 with Help and Video

Image demonstrating use of several synchronized videos with a data view at the same time. Ribbon bar shows activated tool buttons. After bringing the data view and videos on the screen, the views were linked by pressing button “Link Views” and arranged automatically by pressing “Arrange Linked Views” button. “Link Video functions” button sets the videos also start and pause synchronized. The view was saved and loaded again and all settings were automatically set. GPR data and remission data with rutting data are shown in Data view. Pressing F1 -key has brought Road Doctor Help text on the screen. Road Doctor is a powerfull software for surface and sub-surface data analysis.

Road Doctor is great also tool for GPR Data processing and handling. And 3D GPR data !

Interface 3.4 is combining view of Video, Pointcloud, GPR, Surface, Map, FWD

A view showing some major elements for Road Condition analysis, Video and rutting map displaying the surface condition, Ground Penetrating Radar data and Falling Weight data showing the structural condition. The point cloud data enables quick visualization of road geometry. The Rutting data and calculated moduli values are overlaid also in point cloud.

Road Doctor® 3 Modules

GPR Module

GPR Module is a powerful tool for ground penetrating radar (GPR) users, who want to do fast GPR data interpretation and analysis or need to handle Air Coupled antenna or 3D-GPR data. The module is also a basic requirement for using other GPR-data analysis modules like Concrete and Rock modules. The module has been specially developed to handle very long datafiles even in extends of tens of kilometers. Fast data batch linking operation makes possible to automate time taking preprocessing and data linking operations. Manual and semi-automatic Interpretation tools work also with topographic views, making this module valuable tool also for geologists. GPR software.

Diagnostics module

Diagnostics module is a set of tools for analyzing Road Survey data both automatically and manually. Specially designed for Road engineers, who want to compare data results from several years and do predictions of structures remaining life time and bearing capacity.

Design module

Design module is a special set of tools for Road engineers for doing quick rehabilitation design and new structure’s bearing capacity analysis.

Surface Analysis Module

Surface analysis module is a tool designed for Lidar, laser-scanner and accelerometer data handling. It is an excellent tool for road engineers for calculating the pavement surface and structural quality. It includes functions for calculating longitudinal (IRI) and cross-sectional road surface quality parameter (Rutting). Module brings also possibility to quickly link all Road Doctor Survey Van measured data to project batch operation.

Concrete module

Concrete module is a tool for finding out anomalies like arisen moisture and cracks in concrete structures like bridges, floors, walls etc. It uses amplitude and frequency analysis of GPR data as method. This tool is a good help for bridge engineers to check the bridge condition, for example.

Rock module

Rock module is a specially designed tool for analyzing the extent of rock excavation zone. The method is based on analyzing the frequency and amplitude content of high frequency GPR antenna data. The tool helps rock engineers to estimate the integrity and stability of tunnel walls and roof. The module can be used also for general frequency content analysis of GPR Data.


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