The ROADEX Project

The ROADEX Project and ROADEX Network is a technical co-operation between roads organisations across northern Europe that aims to share roads related information and research between the partners. One the key challenges in ROADEX project, started in 1998, has been how to keep the condition of their rural road networks at such a level to ensure safe roads and the sustainable development of local livelihoods in cold climate areas. The subsequent ROADEX findings were quickly proved to be applicable to heavy traffic roads, and even to sub-tropical areas. Roadscanners has been strongly involved with this part EU funded ROADEX cooperation.

ROADEX has executed numerous research and pilot projects, all with the common general goal of “how to do more with less”. A number of excellent findings with a high potential to increase productivity and increase savings have been made without compromising quality. Results have been published in a range of reports and eLearning packages. Unique in the ROADEX project has been that, in addition to searching for new solutions for road diagnostics, maintenance and strengthening, the project has also considered if investments could and should be made to heavy vehicles to make them more road friendly. The results of these surveys and pilots have been very promising and have given new options for road owners and local businesses to manage their roads and transportation projects.



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